De-Cem-Ber * Stick a Fork in Me…. Just Kidding!

Hello, hello! Happy December! We have been busy little elves around here! Check out some of the amazing families we have worked with recently!!!


The B’s had their family photos taken at our studio in North Wales!


montco family photography

The C’s welcomed baby Kinley to the world!

montco newborn photography


The D’s brought their gorgeous puppy along for their family photos in Doylestown, PA.bucks county family photography


Ele got her head shots updated in our studio.  She owns and operates Trinity Massage Haven in Blue Bell, PA.

montco head shot photographer


The G family invited me to their home for their annual family photos!

philadelphia family photography


The H family came into the studio and had me laughing the whole time they were there!montgomery county family photography


The L family came in for their annual family portraits, and they actually were the ones that referred the funny H family to me ^!

upper gwynedd family photography

The M’s are expecting their second baby, so I went into Center City Philadelphia and took some photos with them in their home, and near their house!

Philadelphia maternity photography


The C’s came to the studio for updated family photos!  I met them this summer in Ocean City, NJ for a windy and fun extended family session, so this one was a little calmer and warmer!

montco childrens photography

The R family came into our studio to celebrate Asher turning two, and to get updated family photos!!

montco baby photography



Happy December!!!! Thank you!

We are still here! We are (for the moment) all perfectly caught up on orders, edits, and processing for the moment. Yippee!


This weekend we have several more sessions, as well as a workshop (there is still space if you want to join in!), and we are looking forward to all of it!
I’ll be updating the blog in the weeks to come, but I have also been working on working hard and then actively putting down the phone, shutting down the computer, and spending time with my girls and husband!

I  am utterly and amazingly so grateful to have a busy season, and I am equally as grateful to have a little down-time scheduled in December to enjoy the holidays!

I could never have the down-time without having the beautiful busy time.

I know a lot of photographers get burnt out in the fall, and they grumble their way through their edits, and I get it, being tired is a beast.

Please know though, I do not take the busy season lightly. I plan for it months in advance, I adjust my family’s schedule to accomodate it (I even get our groceries delivered!), my husband steps up even more then normal and cooks us meals or orders the take out so I don’t have to worry about it. Busy season is busy, but it’s so gratifying.  Every single weekend I get to connect with moms, dads, and their most precious ones.



Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I thrive off of making and documenting human connections…which is why living my passion every day is so beautiful to me!


Mucho photos to come, but for now, please enjoy this one of my girls from Halloween, and also, please notice our new slideshow in the header- I think that was on my “to-do” list five months ago, hehe! Better late than never! Much love!!!




Small Business Saturday Specials EXTENDED UNTIL TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a thank you to all of you for being so wonderful, we have a few Small Business Saturday Specials that will run from today until next Monday at 12pm NIGHT!!!!!



 photo smbizsat.jpg



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