It’s Fall!!!! * Montgomery County Photography by Caitlin Domanico

Happy fall! We have been busy around here!!!!


We got to celebrate Avery’s arrival:


FarrellWB-6 FarrellWB-8 FarrellWB-53 FarrellWB-54

Lily turned six:

lilyissixWM-10 lilyissixWM-20 lilyissixWM-23 lilyissixWM-36 lilyissixWM-47 lilyissixWM-32

Katie headed to third grade:

Grexa_Back_to_School_2014WM-20 Grexa_Back_to_School_2014WM-21 Grexa_Back_to_School_2014WM-22 Grexa_Back_to_School_2014WM-23 Grexa_Back_to_School_2014WM-24 Grexa_Back_to_School_2014WM-25 Grexa_Back_to_School_2014WM-26

Lily started kindergarten:

Lily_KindergartenWM-5 Lily_KindergartenWM-8 Lily_KindergartenWM-9 Lily_KindergartenWM-13

Ava started kindergarten:

Back-to-School-Studio-AVA2014WM-5 Back-to-School-Studio-AVA2014WM-21 Back-to-School-Studio-AVA2014WM-28


Landon turns one this week:

Doonie_is_oneWM-1 Doonie_is_oneWM-10 Doonie_is_oneWM-12 Doonie_is_oneWM-14 Doonie_is_oneWM-21 Doonie_is_oneWM-30


The “G” cousins came in for a photo session:


GeorgeWM-7 GeorgeWM-17 GeorgeWM-25

And beautiful baby Natalie was born!!!

MinutellaWM-2 MinutellaWM-6 MinutellaWM-11 MinutellaWM-19 MinutellaWM-20 MinutellaWM-24 MinutellaWM-33 MinutellaWM-37 MinutellaWM-45 MinutellaWM-53

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Back-to-School * Montco Children’s Photographer Caitlin Domanico

Kindergarten never looked so good!


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Cousins * Montgomery County Family Photography

 photo george-1.jpg

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Mama’s Girl * Philadelphia Family Photography


These two were so insanely adorable!

 photo chaudhry-1.jpg

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Smitten * Montco Newborn Photography

 photo minutella-1-3.jpg

Doesn’t his face just say it all?

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