2012 Tea Party Guests!

Here are some guests from our 2012 tea party sessions!!! What cuties!!!!!!



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Three spots remain for this Saturday’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s tea party sessions! Sign up here.



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2011 Tea Party Guests!


Three spots remain! Sign up here.

As you know, we have our big Tea Party photography session day this Saturday!!! Check out some of our guests in 2011!


Montco Children's Photography Montco Children's Photography Montco Children's Photography

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A Year of Yoga Pants- Genny is One * Monday Musings By Caitlin Domanico

Welcome to Monday Musings by Caitlin Domanico!

Monday Musings with Caitlin Domanico- Putting down the camera and picking up the pen....er laptop:)
A Year of Yoga Pants- Genny is One 
I cannot remember what it felt like to turn one-year-old. I distinctly remember certain aspects of childhood, but they all seem to be backed-up by home videos and photographs taken by my parents. My parents were really good at documenting. With an abundance of technology at my fingertips, I sometimes worry that I am not documenting my girls properly. I know what you are thinking- “Caitlin, you take four BILLION photos per week, are you crazy??”  I do, you’re right, and I am doing my darndest to print these images so they do not float away into the world of external hard drives never to see the light of day again, but I do stress about the videos we take- on our digital camera, or more commonly, on our phones. What do you do with yours?yogapants-3

Anyway, back to the reason I am writing this post….my sweet Gen-Gen turned ONE on Saturday! I have no idea how it happened, how it snuck up on me so fast, or what I did to deserve a year at home with my crazy little girls, but believe me, I am thankful.
I would like to say I earned it because I work so hard, and blah blah blah, but I am well-aware that is not the only reason. I have the support and trust of my husband- trust that I would continue to work hard to bring in income for my family without the comfort of a consistent salaried pay check.  I have worked hard, I have taught workshops, photography lessons and photographed so many adorable families over the past year, but to be honest, most of my blood sweat and tears has happened on the home front.  Sure, I work every weekend, sure, I call and email clients every day, of course I edit early in the morning, at nap time, and at night when the girls are tucked into their beds…but 90% of each week, I am on, I am mom. If I am editing, working on accounting, marketing, I am still keeping a listening ear out for the girls, to wake up for the day, to stir at night, or to wake up from their naps. At times, I squeeze in an email while nursing Genny or while letting Ava watch something on Disney channel.
I thought I would be home this year with a stocked freezer filled-to-the-brim with homemade meals to whip out on any given day. I figured our sheets would be changed at least once a week, if not twice. I knew I wouldn’t kill any plants, because hey, I’d be home. I smiled thinking about how I’d mop on Mondays, vacuum on  Tuesdays and Fridays, dust on Wednesdays, and do odds and ends daily. 
I blinked and before I knew it, I was chest-deep in cloth diapers that needed to be laundered almost daily, never-ending sink of dishes, never-ending grocery trips, never-ending needs of having a family + pets, on-going to-do list for my business, and me left trying to find the time to do it all, to choose which was most important, to try to stay present and cherish the moment, and to keep my business going, going, going. yogapants-3-2
I forgot to find the time to dress nicely each day, to lose that extra baby weight, to have a sparkling clean house, and to be Mrs. Sexy Suzy Homemaker– to thank my husband for working so hard outside of the home for us each day.
Instead I have worn out multiple pairs of yoga pants. Like worn out, holes. HOLES! What the heck?? HOLES IN MY PANTS FROM OVERUSE! 
Who am I and what is wrong with me?
I would like to say I am so horrified with myself, or that I really should have lost some more weight or whatever, but I just can’t, because I am not!yogapants-8
I have loved this last year with all of my heart and soul.
I love my husband even more than I did last year, for giving me this gift of life. For creating Genny with me, and giving me time back with my girls. I got a whole extra year home with Ava before she starts kindergarten this fall. A WHOLE YEAR. That is priceless.
I got to be home to rock my baby to sleep for every nap, to be the first thing she sees when she wakes up, unless of course Ava runs in before me! 
I have not been bogged down with the stresses of being a special educator, of writing reports late into the night on software that hardly ever functioned without some sort of bug. 
Sure, I have woken up at the crack of dawn many, many, many times, but not to drag the girls to daycare 30 minutes away, in the complete opposite direction of my job- instead, I got to take my daughter to preschool, be a chaperone on her field trip to the farm, snuggle her sister while we waited anxiously for preschool to end, and then come home and have lunch together, and most importantly, play together.
This year has been a gift.  Maybe I will lose the extra weight next year.  Maybe I won’t. For now, when my jeans are tight, or my stomach doesn’t look quite as it used to, I will give myself a hug and tell myself that I am just fine- this body has now grown two human beings. It has nursed and nourished TWO human beings. I am still nursing. Maybe I will stop soon, maybe I won’t, I’ll be following Genevieve’s lead on this one.
Maybe this year, I will make all our dinners from scratch, from local organic farms (I USED to be so good at this!), I certainly want to try to get back to this one somewhat.
Maybe this year, I won’t wear as many yoga pants. I have to buy new ones anyway, because seriously, they are all too big or have holes in them.
I need to find a way to thank JP, more than with a verbal thank you, for giving me these kids, for giving me this year, and for giving me his love, his confidence, and his trust in my capabilities.  
I once told my sister I have a rule- no going out in public in yoga pants. She recently found out that I have broken my rule many times over this past year. Her smile and her gasp made me giggle as she pretended to be horrified, though I knew she was completely delighted in my confession.
It has been a year.
A year of Genny.
A year of having TWO girls.
A year of being a family of four.
A year of learning.
A year of growing.
A year of playing.
A year of healing.
A year like none other in my life thus far.
 A year of yoga pants, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!!!!

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We have been named Best Teacher and Best Children's Photographer!!!!!!
We have been named Best Teacher and Best Children’s Photographer!!!!!!
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PHOTOgraphy 2014 at The Philadelphia Sketch Club

Yesterday we got to celebrate my husband at The Philadelphia Sketch Club’s PHOTOgraphy 2014 exhibit.  The show was juried by three judges, and they said out of 180 entries, 90 pieces made it in the show, how awesome is that? He completely deserved it, he rocked that picture!!! It was really fun to celebrate JP for HIS art, HIS photography. We are all so proud of him! JPSketchClub2014WM-2 JPSketchClub2014WM-3

We had a quick little photo shoot while dropping my brother off at his awesome apartment in the city: JPSketchClub2014WM-4 JPSketchClub2014WM-5 JPSketchClub2014WM-8 JPSketchClub2014WM-9

On the way home, we stopped at Franklin Square for dinner at Square Burger and a ride on the carousel!! Awesome weekend. Congratulations again, JP! We LOVE you!JPSketchClub2014WM-22

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Photography by Caitlin Domanico, LLC in Ocean City, NJ!

I have been photographing this family since 2009 I believe, when sweet J was only a wee little babe! This year we did something different and met in Ocean City, NJ, which was really fun!!!!!  We took pictures by the pier, and then after a little stroll on the boardwalk, we met up with some of their relatives to take more pictures!  We had a great time together, and it was fun to see them in such a different setting! Philadelphia Family Photography Philadelphia Family Photography Philadelphia Family Photography Philadelphia Family Photography Philadelphia Family Photography Philadelphia Family Photography Philadelphia Family Photography

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