88 Years Apart * North Penn Family Photography

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Welcome to the World, Sweet Tristan!! * Montco Newborn Photography

montgomery county newborn photographer

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Montco Photography Studio Rental * Photography by Caitlin Domanico, LLC

Psssst….it’s cold out. You are meeting families out in the cold, are you? I remember the days of making game day decisions with clients, trying to decide how cold was too cold, to determine if we could make the photos before everyone’s noses turned rosy. I also remember meeting clients in the dog days of summer, when it is just so dang hot, sticky, and buggy!

I also remember stalking the news and deciding if the rain indeed would arrive during our session. Yuck!


The studio loft is huge – 2700 square feet. Crazy, right? There is a comfortable sitting area for your clients, many background options, and windows for DAYS!!!!!  The studio rocks so much that even on a rainy day, I almost never turn on my alien bee lights! There is truly that much light! It’s heavenly.


As you know, I share with several photographers, so be sure to inquire soon so that you can get your preferred date locked in.

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Professional Head Shots * Photography by Caitlin Domanico, LLC

When is the last time you had your head shots taken? Are you still using your college graduation picture (ahem!)?  If the answer is I don’t know, more than two years ago, or YES (in that order), then come into the studio and get an update! I can arrange hair and make-up services so all you have to do is show up.  We will discuss your career/business, the intended audience, and your intended “feel” for your photos and come up with a game plan to create head shots that are “you”! They can be as modern and laid-back or as formal as you would like! Let’s talk!

Montco Headshots

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Monday Musings: Why You Should Book an Heirloom Session



Monday Musings with Caitlin Domanico- Putting down the camera and picking up the pen....er laptop:)

Monday Musings with Caitlin Domanico- Putting down the camera and picking up the pen….er laptop:)

 Monday Musings: Why You Should Book an Heirloom SessionClancy-1
One of my big “resolutions” for the year is to live with intent. Be aware, make choices consciously, and get off the hamster wheel of life whenever possible. Life moves really quickly. Babies grow into teenagers, and parents grow into grandparents. The circle of life is inspiring, amazing, and down-right scary at times. Nobody wants to think about their loved ones dying, but it’s natural to think about it sometimes.

I have lost important people to me, and I know you have, too.


Not a day goes by that I don’t look at my girls and think, “WHY ARE YOU NOT HERE, MOMMY????”  I want her to see them, to hold them, to love them, and maybe more importantly, I want my girls to see her, hold her, and love her.


And to be honest, I want to be held too most days:) See below, she was the definition of comfy!!! I miss those hugs!




I know that we will be reunited one day, and I know for sure that she lives on through me, through my sister, my brother, her grandchildren, her best friends and so much more. I know my deep and emotional way of loving my children comes straight from the nurturing I felt while spending the first 20 years of my life in her arms.

We grow older, and our kids grow older. We make sure we have pictures of the little ones, because they change so much, and we try to get in the photos too, because as you know, that’s really important to do, but I want to challenge you to think outside of the box.


Johnson_Heirloom-5If you are lucky to still have your mom, why not her? If you are lucky to still have your grandmother, why not her? What about a photo with your mom, you and your sister? Your mom, you, and your daughter? Aunts are also perfect do do a session with! What a gift to share with your children as they grow older! What a beautiful gift to give to your mother and grandmother now!  Unfortunately for me, my one grandmother died before I was born, and the other died when I was a two-year-old.  Before you feel terrible for me, I will let you know that though I wish I had them much, much longer,  I am not alone, I have beautiful family and family friends who have stepped in and kept me sane, who have taught me how to be a mom, and who continue to talk me off the ledge when life gets to be too busy or a little scary.

But back to living with intent… if you are one of the lucky ones who still has those living ties, why not celebrate them? Does your mom hate being in the picture? I promise to make her comfortable! So far at these sessions we have worked around some things that have arisen:

multi-generational photos

-91-year-old great-grandfather isn’t as mobile as he used to be. No problem, I went to their house.

-30-something- year-0ld hates being in photos. No problem, I told jokes until I could get her to smile, I offered her a beer, and I threatened to tickle her! :)

-83-year-old mom hates her photo taken. No problem, I showed her photos as we went and talked with her during the session to help her relax.


This is just a sample of the ways we have made these sessions beautiful and comfortable. Later this month, I will be going to an assisted living + adult community to capture a mom and her two adult daughters- perfection!

multi-generational photographyI am really loving doing Heirloom portraits, and in a way, know that my mom, and grandmothers would completely love them, too!

Please call me or email me with any thoughts you have and I will help make this a beautiful experience with you!  These sessions can be any combination ~ mothers/daughters/sisters/nieces, fathers/sons/nephews/grandsons, or, celebrating 43 years of marriage even!!





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